The Sacred Teachings Podcast

Ginny Doctor

June 21, 2021

Sacred Teachings: The Season Of Ginny is the seventh season of the series. The very recent loss of the Executive Producer and heart and soul of the Sacred Teachings series has had a huge impact on our team. Ginny Doctor was a dear friend and highly respected colleague.

More than that, Ginny was an important figure in the world of Indigenous advocacy and human rights. A lifetime of battling for justice may cause some people to be bitter or cynical - not Ginny. She fought the fight to her last breath on this earth - but she fought with humour, wisdom, gratitude, and respect.

This season of 8 podcasts will explore her work fighting racism, battling the pandemic of suicide in Indigenous communities, and helping to blaze a trail of self-determination for the Indigenous Anglican Church. We will hear about her writing and poetry and peek into the very soul of this deeply artistic and spiritual Mohawk woman. Ginny was a blessing to all she encountered, and we hope that this season will be a blessing to you.


In the first episode of Season 7, we are introduced to Ginny Doctor.  Those who knew her will smile and reminisce and maybe shed a tear, those who didn't know her will become acquainted with this strong, proud, brilliant Mohawk woman, and with the lifetime of work and advocacy that is now her legacy.  Be inspired as we start The Season of Ginny.


Thank you for listening to this episode of Sacred Teachings. We value your continued support and invite you to join us again next week. Please reach out to us on our social media platforms if you have any questions about the podcast. 


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